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Chicago-Data Analyst 芝加哥IT数据分析 local IT公司Intern Position: IT / Data Analysis INTERNIntern Duties/ Responsibilities: Develop and maintain highly reliable and scalable web services and UIs that enable users to interact with our software platform.?Create automation that works on Gitlab and Linux servers.?Build APIs and UIs that are simple and powerful.?Understand product requirements, engage with team members and customers to define solutions, and estimate the scope of work required.?Collaborate with, mentor, and influence members within your team and across other teams at AI professionals.?Deliver and update algorithm solutions that work with user uploaded contracts in a timely fashion.Start Date: ASAPPreferred Skills: Software engineering, Computer Science or Data Science background; Python; Django; PostgreSQL; React.JS有求职实习意向的请带简历发邮箱:ecarealex@gmail.com联系我时,请一定说明是从今题北美网看到的,谢谢!

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